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Mold Mitigation: Why Routine Inspections Matter, Even in Dry Climates

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Cracked foundation A cracked foundation or improper flashing installation can cause mold to grow over time

Four Possible Causes of Mold Growth

In Whisper Walk,FL, you likely do not think about mold as being a problem. After all, the climate is dry, and monsoons don't come along all too frequently. However, black mold, or other varieties, are just as likely here as anywhere else, and that is due to water. Every living thing needs it. The water lines in your business and even the occasional rainstorm can lead to mold growth, especially if you don't perform routine maintenance. Therefore, to avoid the need for a mold remediation company, be sure to inspect your facility for four possible causes of mold growth.

Roof damage
Seal cracks
AC leaks
Water pipe leaks

Roof Damage

Attic spaces are often a mold cleanup hotspot, especially in dry climate regions, because when you don't experience rain that often, you likely don't consider any problems with your roofline. However, every roof, regardless of location, should be inspected annually to ensure there are no holes or vulnerabilities to the outside elements, including too much humidity.

Seal Cracks

Also, black mold can find its way inside your building through failed or cracked seals and weather stripping around doors and windows. Again, because of the dryness of the area, you tend not to think of checking these vital protections against the outdoors, but they are critical to creating an airtight seal.

AC Leaks

Your AC is another potential culprit of mold growth. While it is essential to run the system during the year, how often do you check the condensate lines? Even small leaks can lead to mold development.
Water Pipe Leaks
Last, how often do you have your plumbing inspected? Again, small leaks, even slow drips, can lead to mold spores rooting down and spreading.
Regular inspections are necessary to reduce the threat and potential spread of black mold. Don't let a minor oversight lead to significant repairs and remediation efforts.

The Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Causes of business interruption insurance Purchasing business interruption insurance is a smart plan

The Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance

The building where your business is located is a vital part of its success. You may not think about how much you depend on the property itself until a fire breaks out, forcing you to adjust how your business operates. If you have business interruption insurance, you may be better equipped to navigate the financial difficulties that a catastrophic event can cause.

Covered Basics

A business fire in Mission Bay, FL, can affect your bottom line, particularly if the damage is extensive enough to render the building unusable for a while. When you get interruption insurance for your business, it may compensate you for a variety of losses:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Mortgage or rent
  • Payroll
  • Monthly bills, including loan payments
  • Relocation costs

Unless the fire damage is minimal, you will probably suffer some financial loss as a result of the fire. Business interruption insurance can cover losses associated with the changes in your business operations and the effect these changes have on your income.

Variable Premiums

The cost of your insurance premiums usually depend on a number of factors. For example, the property policy that covers fire cleaning services may cost more in certain areas that may be more susceptible to wildfires or lightning storms. There are several things that can affect how much interruption coverage costs. First, since your industry has a direct affect on your potential revenue, it is also likely to affect how much it takes to insure it. If you have a smaller company, you are also likely to pay less in premiums than a large organization, because you payroll and monthly expenses are probably lower. Finally, the extent of the coverage you choose affects the cost. A policy that simply covers payroll and lost revenue is probably going to cost less than one that protects you against most possible losses.
No matter what level of coverage you choose, purchasing business interruption insurance is a smart plan. It can help you stay afloat when your building is compromised.

Handling the Threat of Thunder

12/22/2019 (Permalink)

Lightning rod on roof Each building should have a rod that draws the current away from the premises

Commercial Managers: How To Protect Property and People

A rain storm may not seem like a major concern; however, business owners in Boca, FL, should be aware of its danger. For when thunder claps, its friend lightning is nearby. Therefore, should a strike occur, it has the ability to create a devastating blaze. In fact, the National Fire Protection Agency estimates that a million dollars are spent each year in repairs for lightning strikes to nonresidential property. Commercial managers, therefore, should understand how to protect property and people.

1. Clear Land
Many weather systems have high winds. These gusts have the ability to throw lose objects in various locations, posing a hazard. Loose limbs or items, for example, could be picked up and tossed into other objects. Upon the news of a major squall, the property manager should survey the location, trimming trees and removing any threats. If flooding occurs, have handy the number for a water remediation company.

2. Maintain Rods
During a rain storm, lightening has the potential to hit a roof or nearby tree. Each building should have a rod that draws the current away from the premises. Have this inspected regularly to ensure it is in proper condition.

3. Stay Aware
Keep up to date on the thunderstorm's progress, understanding any changes or warnings. Several weather stations provide alerts through phone applications, pinging you when potential issues arise. Also, it never hurts to have a radio in the office, constantly giving feed. Should power go out and phones die, this could remain on. Just make sure you keep batteries handy.

4. Emphasize Safety
Remind employees that when a thunderstorm boom is heard they should avoid going outdoors. With each noise, set a clock for 30 minutes, establishing a time frame for concern. In addition, should branches fall or lightning strike, it could pose a physical threat; thus, it's important for workers and customers to avoid areas with glass. Finally, electrical currents can run through water, so stay clear of plumbing.
Don't underestimate a rain storm. Although common, it can hurt companies and those that work for them. Try to diminish problems by picking up outside, having a functional rod, and teaching people safety protocols.

4 Things You Should Know About Black Water

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Rain water flooding the entrance of a home Flooded home in Boca Del Mar, FL

4 Things You Should Know About Black Water

You might think that water damage in your Boca Del Mar, FL, home is all the same, but this isn’t always true. The type of water involved is an important factor in how you need to handle the situation. Black water can be particularly troublesome. The following information can help you determine how to move forward.

1. What Is Black Water?
There are three categories of water that range from clean to highly contaminated. The third category is also referred to as black. This means that it contains significant amounts of bacteria, sewage, chemicals and other contaminants.

2. Where Does It Come From?
Category 3 water can come from multiple sources. One common source of this water is flooding after a storm. As rain water mixes with material on the ground, it becomes contaminated. It can also enter your home through your plumbing if your toilet or bathtub backs up. Another possibility is when clean water passes through multiple levels of your home and picks up various contaminants as it goes through materials.

3. What Problems Can It Create?
Black water and clean water can cause many of the same problems. Moisture in your home can contribute to the growth of mold as well as warped or rotting materials. It can damage electronics and other belongings. The biggest difference is that the presence of bacteria and sewage makes contaminated water more difficult to clean. You may need to replace materials and belongings that could have been salvaged if the water was category 1 instead.

4. How Should You Deal With It?
Because of the high levels of contamination, it is best to have category 3 water removed by a professional. If you do need to be around the water, always wear protective gear. Any food or beverages that have been in contact with the water should be thrown out.

If your house has been damaged by contaminated water, you should contact a water damage remediation company. They can perform sewage cleanup and any necessary repairs. With their expertise and professional equipment, they can restore your home to its previous condition.

Basic Grill Safety Can Prevent Fires

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Grilling salmon on a gas burning grill on the backyard patio. Don't become another grill fire statistic and learn to use your grill responsibly

Basic Grill Safety Can Prevent Fires

70% of households in West Boca Raton, FL own a grill or smoker, and if they aren't used properly they can be a major source of house fires. Knowing how to operate both charcoal and propane grills in a safe manner can save you a lot of damage and heartache in the future. You can avoid a grill fire by following some common sense practices.

General Tips

To keep a barbeque fire from occurring there are some basic suggestions made by the National Fire Protection Association to keep in mind when operating any kind of grill. Consider the following if you want to not end up calling the fire damage remediation company:

  • Keep your grill outside, at least 10 feet away from the home.
  • Never leave your grill unattended while lit.
  • Keep your grill clean of grease and residue.

Charcoal Grill

One of the most vulnerable moments in grilling is during the lighting process. There are many ways to go about lighting a charcoal grill. If you use fluid, be sure only to use charcoal starter fluid, and keep it out of range of the grill when not in use. Charcoal chimney starters allow you to use newspaper or kindling as fuel, so they are a bit safer. Electric charcoal starters don't use fire to get the charcoal lit, but be sure to use an extension cord to use them outside to avoid a grill fire.

Gas Grill

Propane tanks are a bit more dangerous than charcoal. First, you will want to make sure to check all of your connections from the propane tank to your grill to be sure that they are tight. You should also periodically check your propane hose for leaks using the bubble technique. If you smell gas while grilling, turn off the propane and move away from the grill. If it persists, call the fire department before you end up with smoke damage.
About 9,600 fires are started by grills annually, gas grills being the majority of them. Don't become another grill fire statistic and learn to use your grill responsibly. You can spread the word at your next barbecue!

Household Mold: What It Is and Isn't

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in A/C unit Mold damage in an A/C unit

Ask most homeowners what black mold is and they can easily describe it. Dark-colored, slimy and smelly, it’s one of the most common household annoyances. But do you know just how many kinds there are, what causes them and what you may be doing to encourage more mold? The fact is, the more you know about mold, the better you can protect your Boca Del Mar, FL, home from being infested. Keep reading to learn what makes mold tick - and how you can keep it at bay.

What Mold Is

On its face, mold is a smelly, unsightly nuisance that turns up in bathrooms, beneath sinks, behind water heaters and any other moist areas of the home. But there’s much more to it. Mold is actually a type of fungus, spread through seed-like spores. Many homeowners don’t realize:

  • Mold spores are everywhere in our environment and can’t be prevented
  • Mold thrives in areas with moisture problems, leaching nutrients from organic matter
  • Cleaning visible mold doesn’t fully eliminate the problem

In short, mold is an ever-present organism that can’t truly be eliminated. But while its spores can’t be eradicated, the chances of it growing in your home can be minimized.

What Mold Isn’t

One of the biggest misconceptions is that black mold is something you can kill with a sponge and a little elbow grease. The truth is, like any plant organism, mold has roots that often spread into grout or other organic materials. If those aren’t removed, even if you wipe off the mold you can see, the fungus will come back.
The more you know about mold, the more you can do to stop it in its tracks. Remember these pointers and keep your eyes peeled for black mold. Don’t hesitate to call a mold cleanup specialist at the first sign of fungus. It can save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run.

Bathtub Sewer Backup Cleanup: When To Call a Professional

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Sewer water coming out of a bathtub and bathroom sink Bathtub sewer backup in Boca Raton, FL

Bathtub Sewer Backup Cleanup

Experiencing a sewer backup in the bathtub of your Boca Raton, FL, home can be extremely stressful. Sewer lines may break during violent storms, or drains may become clogged with mud, leaves and other types of debris and cause the backup. If you are planning to clean the mess up yourself, it is important to understand when taking action is plausible and at what point you need help from a flood damage restoration service.

If the Water Is Spilling Out of the Tub

If the bathtub backup resulted in only a few inches of water, then you can probably handle the cleanup yourself. Gather these essential tools before you begin:

  • A wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Heavy-duty rubber gloves and boots
  • A dust mask with a filter

You may want to seal off the area to prevent odors from spreading into other areas of your home. If the water has spilled out over the edges of the tub and caused flooding, call in professional water damage services for assistance.

If Raw Sewage Is Present

Most sewer backup problems are typically caused by outdoor flooding and can affect every bathroom in your home. You can remove sewage water from each tub on your own if the flood was not too severe; however, if raw sewage is present, consider calling a flood damage and restoration service to drain it away. When water is contaminated at this level, it must be disposed of properly and professionally.

If Mold Growth Has Begun

If standing sewage water in your bathtub has encouraged mold growth, it is a good idea to let your flood damage technicians remove both. Black mold growth can be common where contaminated water is present and could be difficult to remove with ordinary household cleaning agents.
When a sewer backup affects the bathtub in your Boca Raton, FL, home, you may want to move forward with cleanup efforts yourself. However, knowing when to call in a professional can keep you from making an error that could cause serious problems in the future.

The Main Benefits of Flood Insurance

10/26/2019 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a pen and glasses on a table Flood insurance covers a number of scenarios

Most business owners don't love dealing with insurance until they need it. Insurance can be complicated and dry, but when a claim is honored and the payment comes through then insurance can seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread. There are many different kinds of insurance, and a variety of ways to customize a policy. Flood insurance is a particular type of coverage that can strengthen a company's ability to withstand a major storm or flood. This coverage is normally not part of regular commercial property insurance, which covers wind, lightning, fires and other situations. Under many circumstances coverage for floods is a requirement, particularly if your location in Mizner Park,FL is in a high-risk flood area and you have a loan with a regulated lender.

What Is Covered

Flood insurance covers a number of scenarios. The most common include the following:

  • High waters from rivers and streams
  • Unusually heavy or prolonged rains that result in saturated ground
  • A storm surge
  • Broken dams or levees
  • Heavy snow melt around the foundation
  • Clogged municipal drainage systems

The coverage typically includes damage to your property and to its contents. Standard commercial insurance normally covers water damage that comes from above, such as rain and snow. As always, if you experience extensive water damage, contact a reputable water mitigation company in Mizner Park,FL.

What Is Not Covered

Each policy is different, but in general flood insurance does not include damage to exterior elements such as landscaping and sewage systems. Company vehicles may not be covered; however, there may be coverage from water damage in your business vehicle insurance policy. The financial losses associated with a business interruption from a flood are not typically covered, but they sometimes can be negotiated into a custom policy. The eradication of mold after a flood may be covered so long as you took quick and reasonable action to address the problem.

What to Do If Your Toilet Overflows

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet Overflowing toilet in Whisper Walk, FL

What to Do If Your Toilet Overflows

Whether it’s caused by something small like a clogged pipe or a larger issue like sewer damage, an overflowing toilet is not something you want to happen in your Whisper Walk,FL, home. Not only is it frustrating, but it can cause damage to your house. If you have a backed-up or overflowing plumbing fixture and don’t know what to do next, keep the following steps in mind.

1. Determine the Cause of the Problem

Because an overflowing toilet can be caused by a variety of things, you will need to determine this so you know the best way to proceed. Some potential causes are a clogged pipe, sewer damage, overgrown tree or plant roots and broken pipes.

2. Move Items From the Area

If the flooded toilet has caused an excessive amount of water to fill the area, then you should move what you can to keep it from being damaged. For items that are already wet, set them aside so that they can dry. You may be able to salvage them.

3. Cleanup and Sanitization

The water coming from a toilet overflow may be contaminated with waste, sewage and bacteria, so it is important to thoroughly sanitize the area once the water has been removed. Gloves and other protective gear should be used during this process. Instead of attempting to clean up on your own, you may want to hire a sewage company to do it for you.

4. Repair Any Damage

When large amounts of water sit for an extended period, they can cause quite a bit of damage, from warping wood to mold growth. If this has happened, it will need to be repaired. If the cause of the overflow is a broken or damaged plumbing system, then your pipes will need to be fixed or replaced as well.
If there is sewer damage or any other type of water damage to your home, you can have it taken care of by a professional cleanup and restoration company. Not only can they locate the source of the problem, but they can also perform repairs on the house and salvage many of your damaged belongings.

The 7 Steps of Fire Damage Cleanup

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Burned kitchen Fire damage in a Mission Bay, FL kitchen

Steps In The Restoration Process

Fire cleanup is extensive and complicated. That is why you should let your local fire and smoke damage remediation professionals handle everything. They can both repair your home and salvage your belongings. Below, we detail the typical steps in the restoration process.

First Contact

As soon as you call the remediation company, the representative on the phone will ask you questions about the extent of the fire damage. This will help the business understand what services are required.


When the experts first arrive at your home, they will survey the property for smoke, fire and soot damage. They will then come up with a plan of action.

Covering Roofs, Windows and Doors

Fire damage doesn’t always stop when the flames are put out. Fire can destroy the windows, doors and roof of your home, leaving it vulnerable to further destruction. Fire restoration experts can board up the doors and windows and put a tarp on the roof.

Drying and Water Removal

Sprinklers and fire hoses can also harm your property. That is why fire damage cleanup also addresses water damage. Professionals will use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the property.

Soot and Smoke Removal

Smoke damage after a fire can also be devastating. A restoration company can use specialized equipment to get rid of the soot in your home. This smoke cleaning process specifically addresses the surfaces of the house, including walls and ceilings.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

Next, the pros will clean any belongings and structures that can be saved. Fogging equipment and industrial air scrubbers will be used to eliminate odors.


Finally, the cleaners will perform the major or minor repairs necessary to restore your home. This can include installing new carpet, painting the walls and reconstructing various rooms.
You should do everything possible to prevent a fire in your Mission Bay,FL, home. Yet if your house does suffer from fire or smoke damage, a remediation company can help get the home back to normal.