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3 Types of Damage that Occur During a Fire

7/26/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in a home A fire in your home can be devastating.

Elements That May Affect Your Home

A fire in your West Boca Raton, FL, home can be devastating. Fire damage can affect your belongings as well as the structure of the building. On top of this, you may be dealing with secondary forms of damage as well. The following are some ways that various elements may affect your home and how you can address it.

1. Fire

The damage caused by flames is likely the first to cross your mind when you think of a fire in your home. Fire damage can be incredibly destructive, leading to missing sections of the building and ruined property. Luckily, a cleanup and restoration company can make repairs and rebuild your home. They can also salvage many damaged items.

2. Water

You may not usually consider water damage as a consequence of a fire, but depending on the size and severity of the blaze, firefighters will need to use a fire hose to put out the flames. This can result in flooding inside the building. It is important to have this water removed as soon as possible to prevent additional problems such as mold. A dehumidifier and open windows can help the building dry more quickly.

3. Smoke

Smoke travels further than flames, so it often affects a larger area of your house and can leave a film of soot on walls, floors and objects. This can be corrosive to certain materials and should be removed right away. For hard surfaces, soap and water are usually enough but fabrics may need to be dry cleaned or put in the wash. Using an air purifier can help remove smoke odors from the environment.

If you have experienced a fire in your home, it’s important to begin work on fire damage and any other issues as soon as possible. This will prevent the damage from worsening and will allow you to have your home back to normal more quickly. Any needed cleanup and repairs can be done by a professional service to ensure the building is safe.

How To Choose a Good Fire Restoration Company

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPO technicians with their PPE SERVPRO is a good fire restoration company

How To Choose a Good Fire Restoration Company

After a commercial fire, you should contact fire damage restoration professionals to assess and repair your property. There are many remediation companies providing services in Boca Raton, FL so it can be hard to tell which ones to trust.
Ideally, you should look for trained and experienced remediation professionals. They should perform water and smoke cleanup rather than just addressing the charred portions of your property. They should additionally follow the below steps during a typical restoration.

1. Immediate Response
Look for a remediation company that can come to your premises as soon as it is safe to do so. Even a slight delay can cause additional harm to the property. This is particularly true if the fire damaged the roof, windows or doors. Water from a sudden rainstorm can then enter the property and create even more destruction. You should thus hire fire damage restoration experts who will immediately cover up any holes in the structure following the blaze.

2. Assessment
The remediation company should also provide a fair and accurate estimate of the repair cost. This typically follows an inspection and assessment of the damage.

3. Cleaning
The experts can then start cleaning your property. This should include eliminating any lingering odors caused by smoke. The pros should also utilize submersible pumps to drain standing water left behind by firefighter hoses. Items that are badly charred or contaminated may have to be completely discarded.

4. Restoration
The remediation professionals should then restore everything that was damaged. This could include installing new carpets, replacing the cabinets, or repainting the walls.

A good fire damage restoration company responds to the premises immediately and surveys the extent of the harm. The experts should also provide board-up and tarp-over services before cleaning and repairing the building and its contents. If you pick a remediation business that follows these steps, your property should be back to normal quickly.

3 Times Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover a Flooded Basement

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

the old dirty cellar flooded from a pipe break A basement flood from a natural disaster is generally not covered by your insurance.

A Flooded Basement Isn't Always Covered By Homeowner's Insurance.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of sources for a basement flood in your home in Boca, FL, that your homeowner's insurance will not cover. The following sources are common examples of when the flood is not covered.

1. Storms

A basement flood from a natural disaster is generally not covered by your insurance. This means you should have a sump pump in your unfinished basement. If you have a finished basement, you should take other measures to keep water out. For all situations with rising water levels, flood insurance is your best bet. This type of policy offers insurance coverage for your personal belongings. In other words, they will pay to replace your items or have them dried by a water restoration company that offers content cleaning.

2. Sewage Backups

If sewage backs up and floods your basement, it will probably not be covered under a standard policy. This type of disaster is the most expensive and can cause a lot of damage. Fortunately, you can combat it by purchasing an additional clause on your insurance policy. Just make sure that you get at least $10,000 of coverage. Otherwise, they could leave you footing a lot of the bill for the restoration work.

3. Groundwater Seepage

A basement flood caused by groundwater seepage is generally not covered. You may notice these after heavy rain strikes as water seeps through the cracks in your foundation. Your insurance company considers this a non-coverable calamity. This is also typically not covered by flood insurance. The best way to prevent this type of disaster is to ensure that your foundation is solid. Also, reseal your basement walls periodically. This will prevent any water from entering, so you don't have to worry about paying for the damage.

Your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover every type of water damage. These are just some of the sources of a flooded basement that your insurance company will likely exclude from your policy.

3 Ways To Prevent Water Damage During Construction

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage in a commercial building If you are establishing a new business or expanding an existing one, you want to make sure the construction of your new Boca Del Mar, FL, commercial.

Three Ways to Avoid Water Damage During Construction

Whether you're starting a new business or expanding an existing one, you want to ensure that the construction of your new Boca Del Mar, FL, commercial building goes smoothly without any setbacks. Flooding is a common problem on many construction sites, whether from water pipe repair issues or heavy rainfall, so taking steps to avoid it is crucial to the success of your build. Here are three ways you can prevent water damage during construction.

1. Look for Areas that Could Become Flooded

Before construction begins, put together a Quality Control and Assurance team. Task the team with evaluating the construction plans and specifications to ensure that no problem areas have been overlooked. Have the team look for potential areas that could flood, whether from a broken pipe in the building or rainfall. It's also helpful to evaluate the property's drainage and ensure that the ground's slope will direct outside water away from the building.

2. Continually Inspect New Construction

Weekly inspections are vital to ensure that your construction doesn't face unnecessary setbacks from something avoidable, such as a water pipe repair or leaking foundation. Even a tiny leak in the foundation could cause a tremendous amount of damage, and you would need to call in a water damage specialist to help mitigate the problem, so it's essential to inspect it for problems. When the plumbing begins to go in, examine every connection and pipe to identify issues early.

3. Thoroughly Test Everything

The only way to know that your systems are watertight is to test them. Have a professional test your roofing system to look for leaks or potential problems. Also, allow water to run through your plumbing systems for a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure there are no leaks. A water pipe repair is much easier to do before the walls go up. Remember that testing will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Water damage can be costly and time-consuming to handle when building a new commercial space. However, when you take the time to inspect and test everything, you will be better prepared against unforeseen damage.

5 Steps of Flood Cleanup

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Flooding in a home When your home in West Boca Raton, FL, gets flooded, it easily creates a stressful situation but one that needs immediate attention

Flood Cleanup in 5 Easy Steps

When your home in West Boca Raton, FL, gets flooded, it easily creates a stressful situation but one that needs immediate attention. As you start dealing with the mess, it’s important to follow the cleaning requirements below.

1. Wear PPE

While a simple sink overflow may not require anything more than a towel and bucket, any water issues that come from natural flooding or sewage issues require wearing safety gear. These types of water sources mean the water has potential contaminants. It is recommended to wear safety goggles, a face mask, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants.

2. Remove Water-logged Items

Once your insurance provider gives the go-ahead, remove any items that are water-logged. From clothes to mattresses and papers, the longer they sit in the home, the more chances that mold will start to grow.

3. Extract Water

Extracting the water is essential for proper cleanup. While a wet/dry vacuum is better than a mop and bucket, it may take a while. If possible, rent an industrial-grade pump to get the water out as fast as possible.

4. Dry Out Affected Areas

Once the water is gone, it is important to dry out anything that water has touched. Use fans to help circulate the air, as well as open windows if the humidity levels outdoors aren’t too high. It is also a good idea to run a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air.

5. Use Approved Flood Disinfectant

After everything is dry, the real cleaning process starts. Cleaning requirements include sanitizing and deodorizing anything that has come in contact with water. It is vital to use cleaners that can eradicate biological and other contaminants. Be sure to clean all hard surfaces, walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture. If the floodwater level was relatively high, it may be best to call in a flood clean and restoration company. In many cases, cleaning alone won’t do the trick. Drywall, carpeting, and other porous materials in the home may need to be removed and replaced.

While you may want to get your home back to normal after a flood, be sure to follow cleaning requirements to avoid lingering issues.

What To Do If You Smell Natural Gas In Your Home

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Natural gas burning on kitchen gas stove in the dark. Ventilating your home may help release some of the gas buildup that could lead to a gas fire.

If You Smell Natural Gas in Your House, What Should You Do?

Have you ever smelled natural gas? That’s a bit of a trick question. In its raw state, natural gas is odorless, colorless, and nearly impossible to detect. It’s also highly flammable — a dangerous combination. To reduce this danger, gas companies add a non-toxic chemical called mercaptan into the gas before distribution. Mercaptan is the source of that distinctive, “rotten egg” smell that most people associate with gas. The scent is unpleasant, but it makes a gas leak much easier to detect. If you ever smell mercaptan in your home, follow these precautions to prevent a gas fire from breaking out.

1. Keep the House Dark

Depending on the severity of the leak, any electrical current could spark a gas explosion. Don’t turn on any lights or other electrical devices. This includes battery-operated devices such as cell phones and flashlights. Never ignite a lighter or match.

2. Check Your Stove Knobs

A gas stove is one of the most common culprits of a gas leak, since bumping a knob can accidentally turn on the gas. Check the knobs on your stove to ensure that they are all in the “off” position.

3. Open Windows and Doors

Ventilating your home may help release some of the gas buildup that could lead to a gas fire. Open doors and windows, but only if you can do so quickly.

4. Get Out of the House

Evacuate the house, including pets. Do not start your car, especially if the car is in an attached garage. Don’t turn on your phone until you are a safe distance from the house.

5. Contact Authorities

When you are your family are safely across the street or down the block, call 911 or other emergency response service for Highland Beach, FL, then call your gas company. Stay nearby and wait for help to arrive.

A home fire can be devastating, and fire damage cleanup is often long and arduous. Sticking to these tips will help minimize your risk of a gas fire.

5 Things You Should Do If There Is Water in Your Light Fixtures

5/21/2022 (Permalink)

water coming out a light fixture If you have water in light fixtures inside your home, it is important that you handle the situation with care.

Water In Light Fixtures

Water damage can affect any part of your Whisper Walk, FL, home. If there is water leaking through your ceiling, it can create extra trouble. Water in light fixtures can easily lead to dangerous situations, but the following steps can help you get through it more safely.

1. Turn Off the Electricity
Electricity and water are a bad combination. Before you do anything else, turn off the electricity to the house. Do not attempt to turn the light off with the switch and instead use the breaker to shut off everything.

2. Turn Off the Water
If the water is coming from a leak inside your house, turn off the water. This will help minimize the amount of damage done to the building.

3. Start an Insurance Claim
Call your insurance agent as soon as you can safely do so. Depending on the cause of the water damage, the cost of repairs may be covered. Take pictures of the damage and make a list of affected items to prepare for the insurance adjuster’s visit.

4. Repair the Ceiling Damage
A professional water damage remediation company can remove the excess water from your home. They will do mitigation to keep the damage from spreading and then begin any necessary repair work.

5. Replace the Light Fixture
You should not turn your electricity back on until you have an inspection from an electrician. Water in light fixtures can cause rust and other problems, so the affected light may need to be replaced. You should have this done by a professional and avoid trying to do this on your own.
If you have water in light fixtures inside your home, it is important that you handle the situation with care. Do what you can to stay safe, and allow professionals to do any work that you are not qualified for.

3 Unique Features of a Partial Loss Fire

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fires happen every day.

Three Characteristics of a Partial Loss Fire

Commercial fires happen every day in the U.S. These events are always traumatic for business owners and managers and indeed anyone associated with the company. This is even true if no injuries or fatalities occur. In a total loss fire, the emphasis is on a rebuild of the property in Mission Bay, FL, but in a fire loss that results in only partial damage, the focus takes on a different look in certain regards.

1. Dealing With Smoke Damage
Smoke from a business fire can permeate the walls, ceilings, furniture, electrical systems and flooring of a building. Porous surfaces absorb smoke, making them difficult to completely clean, thereby requiring special cleaning methods. Some of the fire loss damage is visible, while other impacts reside in the lingering smells. The services of a trained and certified fire mitigation team are often necessary to treat damage from smoke.

2. Concentrating on Fire Restoration
Every fire is unique, but flames tend to damage the structures of a building to some extent. This calls for the rebuild of walls, ceilings, roofs and other building components. It could even require the restoration of electrical systems. The contractor performing the work should restore the building to a uniform and consistent look that is in harmony with the rest of the building.

3. Working With Insurance
A partial loss fire often calls for more contact with the insurance company. The adjuster might be involved in decisions on what items are salvageable and which ones need to be replaced. While it tends to be less expensive to clean and save items, that is not always the case. It is also important in the cleanup stage that all hidden damage from the fire is addressed.
A partial fire loss from a commercial fire has many complex moving parts. Professional restoration is best undertaken by a reputable mitigation company.

3 Reasons To Perform Restoration Pretesting

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

Specialist is doing a work Experienced restoration professionals usually recommend pretesting damaged residences or commercial buildings in Boca, FL.

Restoration Pretesting Is Important For Three Reasons

Experienced restoration professionals usually recommend pretesting damaged residences or commercial buildings in Boca, FL. This method is useful for calculating overall cleanup costs, identifying the most urgent mitigation measures and arriving at a more accurate estimate of the total cost of restoration. Find out more about these three reasons to pretest any type of property damage.

1. Determining What Can Be Restored

One of the main advantages of pretesting is that this measure gives a clearer sense of which building materials and contents may be restored and which items require replacement. This information is useful for calculating more accurate estimates that account for content cleaning and rebuilding prior to making an insurance claim. Furthermore, a complete early assessment can reduce costs over the entire restoration process.

2. Identifying Mitigation Priorities

The comprehensive assessment of the condition of building materials and contents that takes place early on directly informs mitigation measures. Trained professionals can identify specific steps that should be taken to limit the degree of primary damage which may also keep preventable secondary damage from taking place.

3. Estimating Total Restoration Costs

Getting a clear sense of which items are most likely to be good candidates for cleaning and factoring the expenses associated with these methods along with the cost to replace losses allows for a more accurate estimate. Using one restoration company from start to finish can also keep costs as low as possible and inform a single estimate that is easier for an insurance agent to work with than calculations done by multiple service providers.

Pretesting does not prolong the initial period of damage assessment and can save a significant amount of time and money during restoration. A property owner may want to inquire whether cleanup professionals can pretest when they arrive onsite to inspect and document damage at a residential or commercial property located in Boca, FL.

Important Facts To Know About Thunderstorms and Company Safety

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning You should contact a storm mitigation company in your Boca Del Mar, FL area when you have a storm damage event.

Thunderstorms and Workplace Safety: What You Need to Know

A rainstorm unleashes powerful energy into the environment. Not only does it have the potential to bring down torrents of rain and cause flooding, but it also is frequently accompanied by strong winds, thunder, and lightning. If you are not prepared, this can be bad news for your company in Boca Del Mar, FL.

When compared with hurricanes and tornadoes, a thunderstorm usually impacts a much smaller area; however, these storms still pack a wallop and should never be underestimated. One particular storm in Texas in 1995 caused over $2 billion in damages, mostly as the result of hail.

The Role of Lightning in a Rain Storm
Nearly every powerful storm has its share of lightning. These bolts of superheated air can damage property as well as pose a risk to people and animals. A few interesting facts about lightning show its awesome power:

  • It can be four times as hot as the sun's surface
  • It comes in colors purple, blue, yellow, and white
  • It strikes the Earth about 8 million times a day
  • It can be up to 90 miles long

Along with high winds and hail, lightning is one of the most destructive forces during a storm. It can even cause structures to ignite.

The Role of Storm Preparation
Your company can limit your exposure to damage by following a few basic guidelines. First, you should always make sure you hold adequate storm insurance for your buildings and other assets. Second, you should develop a plan to prepare for and minimize the impact of storms. This could include such things as strengthening your roof or landscaping your property to divert high waters.

Third, you should contact a storm mitigation company in the event of storm damage. Highly-trained professionals will work to restore your company and reduce costs. A rainstorm has the potential to create significant damage to your company if not taken seriously.