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Fire and Smoke Restoration in Boca Raton, FL

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen cabinet burned Fire damage in West Boca Raton, FL.

3 Methods for Removing Soot and Smoke from Contents

 Many contents with soot or smoke damage can be cleaned and restored. Homeowners should contact a damage mitigation and restoration company that will take these three steps to determine whether an item is a good candidate for content cleaning. Professionals may use specialized cleaning procedures such as dry-cleaning, foam, or immersion.

1. Remove the Contents

It is necessary to remove items from the location of a fire in order to provide proper treatment. A restoration company will take all of the items that are likely to benefit from cleaning to an off-site facility. There, the condition of these items will be inspected and trained experts will attempt the most effective cleaning treatments.

2. Assess the Condition

Items covered in soot or with smoke residues can usually be cleaned. Contents that are burned or charred are usually not recommended for cleaning. Fire causes chemical changes to take place in most materials that may cause these items to re-contaminate a structure in which damage has been restored. Items that have been exposed to intense heat may be restored on a case-by-case basis. In some situations, heat alone may ruin delicate materials or electronic components and replacement may be necessary.

3. Treat the Contents

A variety of cleaning treatments are available for contents, from restoration-grade dry-cleaning to immersion in a cleaning solution. Depending on the delicacy and porosity of an item, other approaches such as foam cleaning, spraying and wiping or even abrasive blasting may be the best option. Content restoration professionals have access to all of the equipment and solutions necessary to achieve the best results.

Items that have been treated with dry-cleaning or any other restoration method can be held in content storage until restoration work is complete at a residence in West Boca Raton, FL. Homeowners may prefer to work with a company that provides mitigation, restoration, and content cleaning services.

Tips for Protecting Your Pets From Fire

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Dog held by an old man who is a wearing a safety helmet. If you ever have a fire emergency, you should choose a trustworthy friend or business to look after your dogs.

Your pets are family, so their safety during a fire emergency is a strong concern. Pets can be protected by preventing them from causing a fire and establishing procedures to protect them if a fire happens. With your adequate planning, your pets can continue living a happy and safe life in Boca Raton, FL.

Protect Your Pets From Fire by Keeping Fire Away From Your Pets

Pets can easily cause a house fire. As the first step of pet preparation for fire safety, you should establish your house as a secure place for pets to roam when you are away. There are several situations that can be mitigated by taking preventative measures:

  • Turning off or blowing out open flames that pets may investigate when left alone
  • Blocking off or removing stove knobs or buttons a curious pet could turn
  • Replacing candles with alternatives such as flameless varieties
  • Stopping younger pets from being left to roam altogether while you are gone
  • Elevating or covering cords that pets may chew to expose the wiring

Plan With Your Pets in Mind

Pet safety during a fire emergency is accomplished by having an escape plan that considers your pets. An emergency supply box should contain vaccination records, ownership certificates and veterinary supplies.

When doing routine fire drills at your house, you should include your pet and establish an easy way to bring them to you such as a verbal call or food trigger. With more skittish pets, a pet carrier should be readily available to prevent the animal from running away due to the stress.

Properly Handle Pets for Your Property’s Restoration

Pets need to often remain relocated while an expert fire damage restoration crew works to restore your home. While temporarily displaced from your residence, you may be put into a hotel where pets are not allowed. You should decide on a trustworthy friend or business to watch over your pets if a fire emergency ever affects you. With your pets’ safety out of mind, you can focus on your home’s restoration.

Recovering from Fire and Water Damage

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of aa house damaged by fire, ceiling with soot, insulation from ceiling coming out A home fire can be incredibly devastating.

A home fire can be incredibly devastating. Even the fire is controlled early, the resulting damage can be extensive. Fire damage may be the result of actual flames, smoke, heat, or water. Firefighters use a lot of water to douse the flames. A fire hose puts out a powerful stream of water that can cause warping, structural damage, and mold growth. Water can even cause permanent damage to many material possessions. Soot and ashes can also set into furniture, drywall, and clothing if not handled carefully.

What To Do Immediately After a Fire

There are some things you can do on your own:

  • Get clearance to enter your home
  • Change the filter in your air conditioner
  • Cover furniture to protect from further damage
  • Document damage to send to your insurance company
  • Get rid of any canned goods or food exposed to heat or smoke
  • Wash all your pots, pans and flatware in hot, soapy water.

Other steps require a professional to be done correctly. For instance, don’t try to handle soot damage on your own. Soot is very hard to handle and should be left to a professional.

When To Bring in the Professionals

There are very specific methods and materials for properly handling fire damage. If you try to take care of the damage before getting a fire restoration professional involved, you risk complicating the process. Technicians are able to survey your home and identify all the damaged areas. Ventilation systems, drywall and furniture may be more damaged than you realize. Professionals have special equipment and chemicals to remove smoke, soot and muck.

They are also prepared to deal with water damage. It is imperative that water is removed immediately and the area affected dried out. If moisture is not managed appropriately, it can lead to mold growth.

If you are dealing with fire damage, take precautionary steps immediately upon reentry, but leave the heavy cleaning up to the professionals in Hamptons At Boca Raton, FL.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe During a Fire Emergency

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs cleaning smoke damage from the walls of a Boca Raton, FL business We have extensive fire damage cleanup and restoration training to get your property back to pre-fire condition.

Pet Safety Tips In Case of a Fire

A fire emergency can occur unexpectedly, endangering your loved ones without warning. While it is important to plan for the safety of you and the inhabitants, it is just as crucial to consider the wellbeing of your pets. Whether you own a dog, cat or another animal companion, they have different needs compared to humans, so you must prepare accordingly. Keep in mind the following pet safety tips in case of a fire.

Create a Separate Disaster Kit

Just as humans need disaster kits to get through a fire, you will need to prepare one for pets. Some components are the same as a regular kit, while others are specific to pets.

  • Bottled water
  • Pet food
  • Important documents (ownership, vaccination history, vet info)
  • Animal first-aid supplies 
  • Collar, harness and leash

The supplies may be different depending on the pets you own. However, these are some basic elements to include in the emergency box. 

Practice Evacuation Drills 

A proper evacuation procedure is important for a safe escape from a fire emergency. Keep your pets alive by involving them in the family's evacuation drills. Start by taking the pets with you during practice so they become familiar to the procedure. Later, train them to follow your directions when a fire emerges at home. Pet preparation helps reduce potential injuries and casualties in your Boca Raton, FL household, but never risk others' evacuation or safety to protect your pets. 

Help Firefighters Save Your Pets

There are situations where you will be unable to evacuate your pets. Instead, firefighters can safely step inside to rescue them. Make their job easier by taking preparations when leaving pets alone at home. Write down information like the number of pets, types and possible locations on window cling and attach them to a front window. Keep the pets by entrances where they are visible.
Creating a fire emergency plan for pets is just as important as preparing evacuation routes and contacting 911 and damage remediation specialists. These loyal creatures are vulnerable to fires and need your assistance.

3 Types of Damage that Occur During a Fire

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen fire A fire in your home can be devastating.

Elements That May Affect Your Home

A fire in your West Boca Raton, FL, home can be devastating. Fire damage can affect your belongings as well as the structure of the building. On top of this, you may be dealing with secondary forms of damage as well. The following are some ways that various elements may affect your home and how you can address it.

1. Fire
The damage caused by flames is likely the first to cross your mind when you think of a fire in your home. Fire damage can be incredibly destructive, leading to missing sections of the building and ruined property. Luckily, a cleanup and restoration company can make repairs and rebuild your home. They can also salvage many damaged items.

2. Water
You may not usually consider water damage as a consequence of a fire, but depending on the size and severity of the blaze, firefighters will need to use a fire hose to put out the flames. This can result in flooding inside the building. It is important to have this water removed as soon as possible to prevent additional problems such as mold. A dehumidifier and open windows can help the building dry more quickly.

3. Smoke
Smoke travels further than flames, so it often affects a larger area of your house and can leave a film of soot on walls, floors and objects. This can be corrosive to certain materials and should be removed right away. For hard surfaces, soap and water are usually enough but fabrics may need to be dry cleaned or put in the wash. Using an air purifier can help remove smoke odors from the environment.
If you have experienced a fire in your home, it’s important to begin work on fire damage and any other issues as soon as possible. This will prevent the damage from worsening and will allow you to have your home back to normal more quickly. Any needed cleanup and repairs can be done by a professional service to ensure the building is safe.

Tips To Reduce Space Heater Fires

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

Portable Electric Heater, Halogen Light Heater A space heater can still be a useful addition to your home

Types Of Heaters To Buy And How To Use Them

If your home caught fire in Boca Raton, FL, how do you think it might happen? There is a good chance a burned space heater would start it. According to the NFPA, every year, space heaters cause around 25,000 house fires. That number might make you reconsider that cozy little heat blaster you use to warm up the bathroom in the mornings. As convenient as they may be, space heaters account for approximately 43% of all home-heating fires and 53% of all home-heating deaths. For this reason, it is important to put thought into the type of heaters you buy and how you use them.

What Kind of Space Heater Should I Buy?
If you want to avoid having a burned space heater, there are certain safety features you should consider. Make sure the heater you choose has:

  • Official safety certification
  • An automatic shutoff option
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter plug
  • Durable cord

What Should I Do (or Not Do)?
After you buy a heater with ideal safety features, how should you use it? For starters, make sure you place it flat on the floor. Do not put it on top of furniture. Next, look around. How close is the nearest water source? This is especially important if you like heating your bathroom. Always keep your heater away from water and at least 3 feet away from flammable goods such as curtains or your cloth sofa.
Additionally, it is never a good idea to leave a space heater unattended. Make sure to turn it off when you leave the house or go to sleep. If one does cause a fire in your home, seek out the help of fire damage restoration experts to assist with fire and smoke cleanup.
To reduce the risk of a burned space heater, take care with all these points. Although space heaters can be dangerous, they have much better safety features today than in the past. If you consider your options carefully and follow some simple safety guidelines, a space heater can still be a useful addition to your home.

Important Things To Consider for Fire Damage Restoration

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial building fire in Hamptons At Boca Raton, FL

A fire at your commercial property will not only result in fire damage, but also destruction due to smoke and water from quenching the blaze. As a property owner in Hamptons At Boca Raton, FL, your tenants depend on you to attend to the needs of your building(s) and the various systems within. It’s important that you hire a professional fire restoration services provider to help assess the full damage and execute a cleanup plan that includes dry-cleaning and other types of content cleaning to get you back to pre-fire conditions. This interruption to operations can have a negative impact on your bottom line as well as that of your tenants, so you’ll want to clean up all damage as soon as possible.

Restoring Your Property

A professional provider of fire restoration services is best equipped to not only handle content cleaning, but to expedite cleanup. Reach out to such a provider to get started on the process:

Verify the degree of fire, water and smoke damage through complete inspection and testing.
Restrict further damage by sealing off and boarding up affected areas.
Use equipment to remove water and aid in drying out of rooms and surfaces.
Clean smoke and soot from items and surfaces using industry best practices.
Sanitize and disinfect items through dry-cleaning and other cleaning techniques.
Complete major and minor repairs or reconstruction to bring the property back to a pre-damage scenario.

The cleanup plan should also include content storage for items until the restoration is complete.

Hiring Experienced Professionals
You might be tempted to attempt cleanup and restoration yourself. This is not advisable as restoration often requires specialized methods such as dry-cleaning and major facility repairs that are best left to licensed professionals. It’s critical that all damage from fire, smoke and water be addressed fully by trained persons who not only have the necessary equipment but the knowledge and experience as well. You owe it to yourself and your tenants to have a safe and fully restored property.

4 Ways To Prepare Your Home for a Fire

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

Man Installing Smoke Or Carbon Monoxide Detector Install the correct number of smoke alarms for your home

Start With These Four Simple Steps

In the event of a fire, seconds matter. It is crucial that each household takes preventative measures, including a fire escape plan. There are a number of ways to develop a fire preparation plan for your household, but you can start with these four simple steps.

1. Inspect Your Kitchen
This is where most fires start. Keep your stove and oven clean, as forgotten food particles can spark fire. Similarly, make sure linens such as kitchen towels and curtains are far enough away from burners. It is also wise to never leave cooking food unattended.

2. Check Sources of Heat and Electricity
Second to kitchens, overlooked sources of heat and electricity pose the greatest threats of fire. Examples of potential fire-starters include:

  • Damaged cords/wires
  • Uncleaned air and dryer filters
  • Unattended space heaters
  • Improperly stored flammable materials

Additionally, be mindful of open flames such as candles and fireplaces. It is never a good idea to leave fires unattended. Make sure that all fires have burned out completely before retiring for the evening.

3. Install Smoke Alarms
One of the smartest steps in fire preparation is to install the correct number of smoke alarms for your home. In Mizner Park, FL, it is considered best practice to have at least one smoke alarm per house level. For additional fire safety, be sure to include smoke alarms in problematic or removed locations, such as the kitchen and the garage.

4. Prepare for Escape
Review exit plans for each room of your home on a regular basis, and make sure all members of the house know what to expect. You may also want to remind household members to “stop, drop and roll” and to meet at a designated location outside of the home in the event of a fire.
You can take steps toward fire preparation by being mindful of the risks around your home, but it’s always smart to have an escape plan. Should you ever find yourself the victim of a home fire, proceed with caution and consider bringing in help from fire restoration professionals to clean up and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Why You Should Secure Your Property During Fire Restoration

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

Windows of a building boarded up Board up services after fire damage in Highland Beach, FL

If a fire occurs at your commercial property in Highland Beach, FL, you may wonder how soon it will be before it's back to normal. After you arrange for a fire damage assessment, the next step is to install a security fence. Even if the building’s walls are still secure, there may be holes in the roof or windows that leave the property vulnerable to theft, animal intruders or weather. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this process and save yourself further headaches.

Responsibilities of Each Party

Your emergency restoration specialist will board up windows or place a tarp on the roof (if needed). But that may not be enough to deter vandalism or break-ins. It’s your responsibility to call your insurance company. Here are some helpful things to talk about:

  • The specifics of the event
  • How to send over documentation
  • What else you should do before leaving the scene
  • Whether your coverage includes a security fence

It’s important to note that your insurance company may not reimburse expenses for services hired without prior approval. Many companies may also deny coverage of damage occurring on an unsecured site after the initial event. By taking your insurance agent’s advice, you will prevent any surprises on your bill.

Protection From Further Loss
Another reason to secure the building is to protect any items left inside. For instance, if the fire officer deems the property unsafe, you won’t be able to retrieve important things like your identification, cash from a till, or other valuable inventory. In this case, you must protect the building until it’s safe to enter. Installing a solid perimeter is necessary to avoid additional loss and destruction.
Restoring a commercial property after a fire takes a bit more than you may have realized. With the proper help, you'll have a smoother experience. Now that you know the benefits of installing a security fence, you can rest assured that your building will be safe until you’re back to business as usual.

Make a Family Fire Escape Plan

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

Escape plan Your emergency escape plan must include two escape routes from each room of the home

Fire spreads quickly through homes, moving faster than ever because of the materials used to build and furnish homes. Your safety and that of your family depends on three things:

  1. A straightforward fire escape plan
  2. Advance warning from alarms
  3. Regular practices

Remember that according to the Red Cross and other experts, you have as little as one or two minutes to get everyone out of the home, so preparation is crucial.

Fire Evacuation Plan

Your fire escape plan should include installing the right number of smoke alarms. There should be one in each bedroom, one in the hall outside of bedrooms, and at least one on each level of the home. Next, you need to teach your children what the alarms mean and how to respond when they hear the alarms. Your emergency escape plan must include two escape routes from each room of the home. Finally, establish a meeting spot across the street or at a similar location and make sure that family members know how to contact each other just in case you become separated.

Fire and Smoke Alarms
There are a few different types of alarms, some that sense rapid temperature changes and some that respond to smoke. For the best results, install both types of alarms. (Some hybrid devices are available as well.) Did you know that many people don't wake up to the piercing shrieks? Because of this, you should do some practice runs at night as well as during the day.

Practice Evacuation Routes
At least twice a year, you should practice escaping in the event of a fire, and you may need to practice more often at first. Press the button on your alarm for at least one of your tests. Teach family members to yell "fire," and include the pets in your practice efforts. Members of the family should know the "stop, drop, and roll" method of putting out fires on their clothing.
Never let family members re-enter you Boca Del Mar, FL, home during a fire. Wait for firefighters and fire and smoke damage professionals to complete their work and declare that the home is safe for re-entry.

Securing Your Building Post-Fire

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Is your Boca Raton commercial property suffering after a fire? If you are planning on seeking help from a local fire damage restoration company, you are already on the right track. But you also need to keep your building safe in the meantime. Follow these three steps to make sure looting does not affect your business in the aftermath of a commercial fire.

1. Identify and Secure Open Spaces

Survey your building very carefully when beginning your fire cleanup efforts. Ensure that all windows, doors and other open spaces are securely locked. Next, make sure that you purchase some sturdy boards that will be sufficiently protective for the type of opening that you are securing. The length of time you expect the boards to be in place should also influence what type of covering you buy.

2. Research Further Options

While waiting to repair fire damage to your building, you may want to invest in some fencing for added security. This really depends on whether or not you feel that your building is in an area prone to heavy looting, as well as the amount of time you expect your business to be shut down for.

3. Consider Advanced Security Options

If you feel that your company’s geographical area is highly unsafe or expect you will be closed for a very long time, security services or a high-tech alarm may be the way to go. These options allow your building to be secured when you are not physically available to keep a close watch.

Don’t Get Intimidated

Fire damage is stressful enough without worrying about highly customizable security options. You need to focus on fixing any destruction first and foremost, so if you think complicated security measures are out of the question logistically or financially, stick with basic, reliable boards that will keep your Boca Raton business protected not only from criminal activity, but also the unpredictable natural elements.