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3 Reasons To Perform Restoration Pretesting

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

Specialist is doing a work Experienced restoration professionals usually recommend pretesting damaged residences or commercial buildings in Boca, FL.

Restoration Pretesting Is Important For Three Reasons

Experienced restoration professionals usually recommend pretesting damaged residences or commercial buildings in Boca, FL. This method is useful for calculating overall cleanup costs, identifying the most urgent mitigation measures and arriving at a more accurate estimate of the total cost of restoration. Find out more about these three reasons to pretest any type of property damage.

1. Determining What Can Be Restored

One of the main advantages of pretesting is that this measure gives a clearer sense of which building materials and contents may be restored and which items require replacement. This information is useful for calculating more accurate estimates that account for content cleaning and rebuilding prior to making an insurance claim. Furthermore, a complete early assessment can reduce costs over the entire restoration process.

2. Identifying Mitigation Priorities

The comprehensive assessment of the condition of building materials and contents that takes place early on directly informs mitigation measures. Trained professionals can identify specific steps that should be taken to limit the degree of primary damage which may also keep preventable secondary damage from taking place.

3. Estimating Total Restoration Costs

Getting a clear sense of which items are most likely to be good candidates for cleaning and factoring the expenses associated with these methods along with the cost to replace losses allows for a more accurate estimate. Using one restoration company from start to finish can also keep costs as low as possible and inform a single estimate that is easier for an insurance agent to work with than calculations done by multiple service providers.

Pretesting does not prolong the initial period of damage assessment and can save a significant amount of time and money during restoration. A property owner may want to inquire whether cleanup professionals can pretest when they arrive onsite to inspect and document damage at a residential or commercial property located in Boca, FL.

How You Can Prevent Recurring Mold Problems

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

A room with mold damage Our SERVPRO team has the training, experience, and equipment to properly remediate any size mold infestation that might occur in your business.

How To Prevent Mold Infestation In the Future

One of the most frustrating things about commercial property ownership is discovering you have water issues in your building. Whether it’s coming from something obvious like a leak or hidden sources, water can lead to structural damage and mold growth if it’s not addressed properly. If you’re noticing that mold keeps growing back in the same area, it’s worth investigating the cause and asking these two questions:

Have You Checked Your Moisture Levels Lately?

High humidity provides an ideal climate for mold, especially in warmer climates and when the temperature is between 60-80 degrees indoors — a common range for most buildings. You can buy an inexpensive moisture meter called a hygrometer to test the area in question. Place the meter three feet above the ground and in as little as three minutes, it will give you a readout of your humidity levels. Any reading above 60% indicates there is too much moisture in the air and that there is a water source somewhere responsible for the elevated levels.

Has Your Space Been Professionally Evaluated?

Mold remediation specialists in Hamptons At Boca Raton, FL, can inspect and evaluate the area for several different criteria:

  • Moisture and humidity levels
  • Primary or secondary water damage
  • The presence of hyphal fragments — essentially, microscopic “roots” of mold — that cause it to grow quickly and indicate a colony of mold growth in the area

Once they’ve determined what they’re dealing with, technicians can begin the process of remediation, which includes addressing the source of water, removing any damaged and mold-ridden materials, scrubbing and filtering the air and helping you prevent further issues.

Most property owners have to deal with mold growth at some time or other, but it doesn’t have to be a recurring problem for you. Understanding the conditions under which it grows and taking steps to remedy the environment will help prevent future encounters with mold in your property.

How To Fix a Flooded Basement

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

the old dirty cellar flooded from a pipe break If you are able to determine the cause of the flooding, take steps to prevent it from happening again as you clean up and rebuild.

What To Do If Your Basement Is Flooded

Whether your basement flood was caused by a storm outside or a faulty appliance inside, knowing where to start in cleaning up and dealing with the mess can be overwhelming. If your business in Boca Del Mar, FL, suffers a flood, here are a few steps to fix the basement in the safest manner.

1. Remove the Water

Do not walk into a flooded basement before removing the water. While there may be debris and other things in the water you don't want to touch, the real danger is electrocution. If the water is only an inch or two deep and you are able to get to the service panel safely without touching the water, do so carefully and turn off the electricity. Then, use a shop vac plugged in upstairs to remove the water. If the water so deep that outlets and service panel are submerged, do not attempt to remove the water yourself.

Call the fire department via a nonemergency line or call a water damage restoration specialist. That amount of water requires specialized equipment to be removed safely by trained professionals.

2. Decide What To Keep and What To Toss

Once the water has been removed from a basement flood, sort through everything that was submerged or damaged by the water. To avoid mold growth, try to quickly dry out and clean everything that can be salvaged. All items that are too damaged should be disposed of swiftly. Any gas or electrical appliances should be replaced. The drywall below the floodwater should be torn out and replaced.

3. Prevent Future Flooding

If you are able to determine the cause of the flooding, take steps to prevent it from happening again as you clean up and rebuild. Install a sump pump, fix the foundation, or reconsider your gutters to draw rainwater away from the structure properly.
The aftermath of a basement flood often involves specialized cleaning, repairs, and possibly rebuilding. Check with your insurance coverage to find out what might be covered. A water damage restoration specialist like SERVPRO may be able to help every step of the way.

Safeguarding Your Business From Storm Destruction

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

A business damaged by a storm SERVPRO has storm damage restoration experience and specialized equipment to restore your home or business back to pre-storm condition.

Protecting Your Business From Storm Damage

When a major storm event such as a hurricane is barreling towards your business, time is of the essence in preparing your commercial building. Flood water from heavy rains can cause tremendous damage to an unsecured structure and force you to close your doors for weeks or months while you undergo an extensive restoration process. Protect your business in Highland Beach, FL, from the devastation of a storm by following a few simple guidelines to fortify your building.

1. Watch the weather. One of the most important steps in preventing a flooded building is also one of the simplest – pay attention to your local weather forecasts and take any severe weather or flash flooding alerts seriously. Use the advance warning to enact preventative measures like placing sandbags around the perimeter of your business and moving expensive electronic equipment to a higher level of the building.

2. Design an action plan. When a storm is about to hit, every staff member needs to have a specific role in preparing your business to withstand the destruction. Assign tasks to each team member so nobody gets overwhelmed. For example, one person should be in charge of fortifying the building to keep out flood water, another person should take care of backing up important electronic data, and someone else should supervise a final evacuation drill.

3. Prepare for restoration. Even a well-prepared business can sustain water damage if a storm is especially severe. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the contact information for a reputable commercial storm damage restoration company on hand in case you need professional assistance in the cleanup and repair process. Enlisting the help of an expert means you can reopen your doors faster than if you try to manage complex reconstruction yourself.

A storm heading towards your commercial building means you need to take immediate action in preventing flood water from destroying your livelihood. By staying calm and taking steps to safeguard your building, you can ensure your business will ultimately withstand the destruction of a severe weather event.

3 Ways To Prevent Water Damage During Construction.

12/3/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Catering Hall. If your business suffers water damage, you can call SERVPRO. Here is another example of how we will help you with any damage.

During Construction, There Are Three Ways To Avoid Water Damage.

Constructing a new area or making renovations can benefit your business in Whisper Walk,FL in many ways. However, avoiding a water pipe repair or a leaking appliance can result in water damage during construction. There are several ways in which you can prevent water damage from occurring during construction.

1. Protect Important Areas and Items.

In order to ensure that water doesn’t cause major damage to your business, it can sometimes be helpful to make sure certain areas in your business and items in your business are protected. For example, it’s often wise to make sure any electrical systems are turned off or moved away from the construction to prevent them from coming in contact with water. Additionally, using waterproof containers to store important documents can give you peace of mind.

2. Monitor Water Use Before and During Construction.

If you know the average amount of water your business uses before construction, keeping track of the amount of water being used during construction will be easier. If you notice a sudden spike in your water usage, you can search for the potential causes of the jump in water usage. Additionally, if you do notice an increase in your water use prior to construction, it’s often best not to put off the water pipe repair or other issue, and instead fix the problem before construction begins.

3. Conduct Frequent Inspections.

Throughout construction, it can be helpful to inspect your building to ensure there are no hidden issues. It can be particularly useful to inspect your appliances and pipes if they are near the area that is under construction, as these items are more likely to become damaged. By doing these inspections, you are more likely to notice a leaky or broken pipe or appliance, and you may be able to prevent your building from becoming flooded.

Monitoring your water usage and making a water pipe repair or fixing other issues before construction, keeping your building and documents safe and conducting frequent inspections can help you prevent water damage. Consider contacting water damage restoration professionals if your business has already sustained damage.

How Commercial Fire Sprinkler's Work: The Basics

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Automatic fire extinguishing system A lot of people are hesitant to install fire sprinklers in their buildings because of a few unprecedented misconceptions.

The Basics Of Commercial Fire Sprinklers

If you've ever looked up at the ceiling of a commercial building and wondered how a tiny fire sprinkler can help stop a fire, you're not alone. Commercial fire sprinklers are small and unimposing, but they are actually a huge help. If you're not convinced, consider these quick facts:

  • Fire sprinklers are backed by piping that is filled with water, so that the sprinklers are always "on call," so to speak.
  • Sprinklers often respond quicker than any fire department ever could, and thereby make it easier for occupants to evacuate safely.
  • Sprinklers can help control or limit the amount of toxic smoke that develops in a building.
  • Commercial sprinklers spray more than 25 gallons of water per minute.

How a Fire Suppression System Works

A sprinkler system becomes activated as soon as the temperature near the sprinkler rises to a certain degree. The water that has been sitting in the pipelines, waiting for release, gushes out as soon as the fire sprinkler opens up, spewing water so forcefully on the flames that, in most cases, they're extinguished immediately. Though heat activates a sprinkler, smoke does not, which is a good thing, as smoke often travels to areas of a building that are not affected by or at risk of a fire. If an errant sprinkler does go off, it can significantly add to your fire sprinkler cleanup efforts.

Because sprinklers respond immediately, they can help contain an inferno and even extinguish it entirely. This can not only reduce the amount of property damage, but it can also save lives.

Misconceptions Regarding Sprinkler Systems

A lot of people are hesitant to install fire sprinklers in their buildings because of a few unprecedented misconceptions. Some such misconceptions include the following:

  • Fire sprinklers are prone to accidental activation.
  • Smoke often activates sprinklers.
  • All of a building's sprinklers activate at once.

The above misconceptions are dangerous, as they prevent building owners from investing in the necessary safety equipment. Don't be fooled by such myths, and talk to your Boca Del Mar, FL, fire restoration team about the benefits of a fire sprinkler system, how they actually work and why your building needs one.

Your HVAC System Is a Black Mold Superhighway

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Green spots of mold on ceiling Mold growth on the ceiling.

Your HVAC System Is a Superhighway for Black Mold

Mold spreads by releasing its spores, letting them float through the air and land where they may. If the spores end up somewhere warm and moist that makes it easy for them to grow, then you could have black mold building up in your facility relatively quickly. You can't always do much about the moisture itself, but you can inhibit mold's mobility and potentially control the source of your water damage problem by taking the following steps:

  • Stop the flow of air between rooms
  • Turn off the HVAC units
  • Switch off your water

Mold Travels

There are many things that could contribute to the transmission of black mold spores throughout a building in Boca, FL. Some of them are unavoidable:

  • Foot traffic
  • Water damage or mold cleanup activities
  • Construction

In a normal situation, even major renovations shouldn't spread mold excessively. Unless there's heavy airflow, spores don't travel very far when they go airborne. However, a powerful HVAC system could potentially suck up a significant amount of mold. These spores could then become trapped in the crevices of your ducts to periodically recirculate them throughout your entire facility.

Counterintuitive Solutions

It might seem like dealing with a mold and moisture problem would include cranking your ventilation system all the way up to dry out your rooms. However, that could cause more problems. It's often best to let mold cleanup professionals in Boca, FL  handle the issue. The difference is that the pros use equipment designed specifically to be tough on moisture and mold, while your HVAC system is engineered for a completely different purpose.

Cleaning the Ducts

It's a point of some debate in the black mold remediation community whether or not duct cleaning has a major influence on mold problems. Even the EPA is still undecided on the subject. However, it is a good idea to inspect your ductwork after you discover a mold problem. If you have mold populations lurking in your HVAC system, they're likely to spread.

Why Did My Sewer Back Up?

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Accident sewerage system. Water flows over the road from the sewer. Rainwater backs up and you have a sewer issue on your hands.

What Would Cause A Sewer Backup?

If you have a sewer at your Highland Beach, FL business, you may be dealing with sewer backup that is disruptive to your operations. While this is going to be an emotional and stressful time for you, it is important to keep your cool as best you can and start forming a remediation plan. You need to take a couple of steps to remedy the situation:

  1. Identify the most likely cause of the backup.
  2. Figure out how you can clear the sewer.

If you are not sure why this particular backup occurred or what you should do to fix your circumstances, read on for some advice to guide you to a solution.

Storms Can Cause Backup

If your commercial building recently suffered through a storm, you have identified the most likely cause of the backup related to your sewer. Heavy storms lead to extremely large amounts of water going into sewers, which usually cannot handle such high volumes of liquid. As a result, the rainwater backs up and you have a sewer issue on your hands.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration

A storm cleanup team can help you fix your sewer backup and clean up any messes caused by all of that water overwhelming the structure. These technicians can even handle matters related to the destructive and aggressive black water that may have formed, as professionals experienced in black water removal know how to find and eradicate it quickly and efficiently.

Prevent Future Sewage Issues

Your best defense against a future sewer backup disaster is keeping your sewer well maintained and cleared. You can also install different components to prevent backups from becoming a recurring issue. As in most cases, research is your friend when it comes to preventing storm-related damage. Since no approach is going to guarantee that your sewer will be able to handle another storm-related flood, remember to always be prepared for another misadventure so you can keep your commercial property in Highland Beach, FL, safe.

How Does a Disaster Recovery Team Respond To Storms?

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech giving a thumbs up while cleaning a room in a Boca Raton, FL business We are leaders in the storm and water damage industry.

How Does A Disaster Recovery Team Respond To Storms?

A disaster recovery team should swiftly arrive on location after a severe storm in Boca Raton, FL. These trained professionals can assess storm damage and take mitigation measures. Learn more about the stages of storm response.

Fast Deployment

A network of more than 1,700 locations enables SERVPRO to provide the fastest response to disasters. Several factors contribute toward a timely response:

  • A centralized corporate structure
  • Franchise locations in most regions
  • Support from nearby locations

An independent mitigation company may not be able to keep up with the volume of calls after a disaster or severe storm. The SERVPRO business model is designed to sustain fast responses and a high quality of service.

Damage Mitigation

A disaster recovery team may need to perform various mitigation measures depending on the type of incident. The following measures may need to be taken as soon as possible:

  • Documenting the full extent of damage
  • Boarding up or tarping over structural damage
  • Extracting standing water from a structure

The availability of trained professionals and specialized equipment is likely to make any storm response more successful. A corporation built on a franchise business model has all of the resources necessary to respond to large losses.

Successful Restoration

One of the best ways to ensure that mitigation and restoration will combine in a successful effort is to rely on the same company to provide both services. Separate mitigation and restoration companies will give clients and insurers more than one estimate and increase the possibility of miscommunication or scheduling difficulties. An all-in-one service can get the job done better and faster and make it easier to settle an insurance claim.

The best disaster recovery teams have fast response times and the equipment and expertise necessary to complete any job. In the event of storm or hurricane damage, a commercial property owner should contact a one-stop mitigation and restoration company in Boca Raton, FL.

3 Tips for Fire Emergency Preparedness

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door If a business fire does occur, employees need to evacuate.

Fire Preparation Steps

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were approximately 110,900 nonresidential fires in 2019. This accounted for 9.4% of the year's total flame-related incidents. As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of taking precautionary measures so you are ready if a business fire ever occurs. Adequate preparation can help minimize fire damage and fees for services such as a professional restoration and cleanup company from Hamptons At Boca Raton, FL.

1. Check Your Equipment
Part of fire preparation is making sure that you have the correct tools and that they function properly.

Fire extinguishers: There should be a fire extinguisher within 75 feet of any area likely to combust or catch fire, including kitchens or places where hazardous materials are stored. Each extinguisher should be no more than a year old and mounted properly in a space free of anything that might block access.
Hood systems: Remember that hood systems require biannual inspections.
Sprinklers: Keep sprinklers free of obstructions and do not use them as a rack to hang items.
Fire doors/shutters: All fire doors/shutters should undergo regular testing, and their pathways should be kept clear.

2. Take Care of the Exits
If a business fire does occur, employees need to evacuate. There should be easy-to-reach, clearly marked fire escapes and exits. Keep them unlocked and provide good lighting so people escaping can see the way and find them.

3. Perform Practice Drills
Your workers require training in the appropriate procedures. Make sure they know where to obtain fire extinguishers and locate exits and teach them to properly use them. Employees should also be aware of every aspect of your emergency fire plan. Regular drills can help them commit to memory the actions needed if a fire breaks out. This way, even in the heat of a panic-inducing situation, they can react instinctively rather than wasting time thinking of their next step.
Since a business fire can result in a great deal of trouble, it is wise to prepare for one in advance. Following safety measures helps mitigate the impact if one does take place.

5 Ways to Prevent Mold Build Up at Your Business

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Technician cleaning air duct system in Boca Raton, FL. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your business.

Here Are Five Ways To Fight Mold Build Up At Your Business

You are primarily responsible for cleaning and maintenance at your place of business in Boca Raton, FL. You have a comprehensive schedule to clean all high-traffic areas, the outdoor space, and a system maintenance schedule that keeps everything running smoothly. One battle that you are constantly fighting is against mold. Mold spores are omnipresent so preventing them from finding an ideal location to grow is a full-time job.

1. Carpets
Carpets and rugs can provide ideal growing environments for mold. Rugs at entryways should be kept dry so that mold doesn't grow on or under them. Regular carpet cleaning also prevents mold growth. Vacuum often and clean behind large furniture. Consider professional steam cleaning a couple of times per year.

2. Dust
Mold can grow on dusty shelves and in forgotten corners of closets and storage spaces. Have cleaning supplies readily available for all staff so that they can clean their desks.

3. Leaks
If someone makes you aware of a leak, make maintenance a priority. Once you have identified the leak and repaired it, check for secondary damage. If a ceiling was leaking over a carpeted area, plan to do some deep carpet cleaning ASAP. If you can't identify the source of the leak, call a commercial building restoration service that can use special tools to check for leaks behind walls.

4. Landscaping
It's important to check on landscaping and rain gutters to make sure that water isn't being directed toward the building. Basements tend to be humid environments so extra water leaking in nearly guarantees mold problems. Clean gutters and properly oriented down spouts help to prevent flooding.

In large buildings, the HVAC system gets a lot of use and is susceptible to mold growth. Stay alert to new condensation, dust buildup, or a mildew smell that could indicate mold growth.
In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, deep-dive projects such as carpet cleaning, closet cleanouts, and HVAC inspections help to prevent mold growth at your business.

How To Choose a Good Fire Restoration Company

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro team with protective gear in Boca Raton, FL. SERVPRO is a good fire restoration company

How To Choose a Good Fire Restoration Company

After a commercial fire, you should contact fire damage restoration professionals to assess and repair your property. There are many remediation companies providing services in Boca Raton, FL so it can be hard to tell which ones to trust.
Ideally, you should look for trained and experienced remediation professionals. They should perform water and smoke cleanup rather than just addressing the charred portions of your property. They should additionally follow the below steps during a typical restoration.

1. Immediate Response
Look for a remediation company that can come to your premises as soon as it is safe to do so. Even a slight delay can cause additional harm to the property. This is particularly true if the fire damaged the roof, windows or doors. Water from a sudden rainstorm can then enter the property and create even more destruction. You should thus hire fire damage restoration experts who will immediately cover up any holes in the structure following the blaze.

2. Assessment
The remediation company should also provide a fair and accurate estimate of the repair cost. This typically follows an inspection and assessment of the damage.

3. Cleaning
The experts can then start cleaning your property. This should include eliminating any lingering odors caused by smoke. The pros should also utilize submersible pumps to drain standing water left behind by firefighter hoses. Items that are badly charred or contaminated may have to be completely discarded.

4. Restoration
The remediation professionals should then restore everything that was damaged. This could include installing new carpets, replacing the cabinets, or repainting the walls.
A good fire damage restoration company responds to the premises immediately and surveys the extent of the harm. The experts should also provide board-up and tarp-over services before cleaning and repairing the building and its contents. If you pick a remediation business that follows these steps, your property should be back to normal quickly.

Common Problems Associated With Commercial Restrooms

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial bathroom in Boca Raton, FL. Commercial restroom in Boca Raton, FL

Common Problems Associated With Commercial Restrooms

For a company, a commercial restroom is a vital place in a building, whether the facilities are used by employees or customers. With its toilets, sinks, faucets and pipes, restrooms are the site of many problems. A toilet overflow, for example, occurs commonly enough, and introduces several complications:

  • Water on the floor
  • Inability to accommodate users
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Image problems

The first order of business should be to clean up the water, and then to fix the problem. If the toilet flood results in the discharge of contaminated water, the cleanup should be conducted by a professional. The services of a local water remediation company in Boca Raton, FL, are often needed in these situations.

Possible Causes of a Toilet Overflow
A commercial restroom gets a lot of use, and it is prone to a few common problems. Users sometimes flush inappropriate materials down the toilet, resulting in clogs. This of course can cause water to overflow onto the restroom floor. Toilets that automatically flush sometimes get stuck on the flush mode, and the toilet just keeps flushing. Depending upon the model of toilet, to stop a toilet from repeated flushes can be fixed in just a few steps, or it can be a more involved process that is probably best handled by a plumber. A Toilet can also leak, either at its base or by running over the bowl.

Good Solutions to Commercial Restroom Issues
Many companies have skilled custodians on staff that are capable of handling routine restroom issues such as a toilet overflow. Other companies only have a basic cleaning crew on hand. Any significant water damage or any time contaminated water is present, a company should consider calling in a professional water mitigation team. Highly-trained technicians can safely handle contaminated water. They can also inspect the restroom to see if any structural damage to floors and walls have occurred. Technicians experienced with water damage can handle both common and unusual problems that impact commercial restrooms.

Avoid These 3 Long-Term Complications of Wet Floor Damage

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

Wet wooden floor Wet floor damage in Highland Beach, FL

As a business owner in Highland Beach, FL, you are constantly planning and taking the important steps necessary to protect your investment. Changing seasons often present the demands of extreme heat and cold that may adversely affect your facility and create irreparable damage. When dropping temperatures cause a pipe burst, you need immediate action to ensure unaddressed damage doesn't create costly aftermath for your flooring.

Consider These Three Major Complications

1. Not All Wood Is Treated Equally
Wood flooring has the benefit and protection of being pressure-treated and flood-resistant which is a huge relief in the event of a spill or encounter with liquid. It does not, however, ensure that the untreated subfloor or structural wood has protection from more extreme levels of saturation. When these untreated surfaces encounter moisture, they may swell within 72 hours, causing nail popping, an outward drive of nails, and warping effects that make it difficult or often impossible for the sheathing to be held by nails.

2. Decay Comes To Stay
One of the more subtle effects is that the natural fibers of the wood floor can absorb water and start to rot. This adversely influences the physical integrity of the material and the building's overall structure. More disconcertingly, this may not present as immediate damage from your pipe burst. Sometimes such damage goes unnoticed for weeks, months or even years, until it is all but irreparable.

3. Mold Can Also Harm Your Building
Failing to promptly remove wet floors and materials within 24-48 hours promotes mold and fungi growth, leading to possible structural damage to your building as well as destroying items. Many of the materials when properly removed can be returned relatively undamaged and prevent long-term displacement of staff and interruption of business. Mold growth increases with the passage of time, so do not hesitate to address the damage with a professional water restoration company.
Having a pipe burst can be an unexpected and frustrating experience for commercial properties. Thankfully, staying educated and knowing when to act can minimize costs and complications, restoring peace of mind.

Is the Exterior of Your Commercial Property Ready for a Storm?

9/28/2020 (Permalink)

Are you Ready? Are you prepared for a Storm?

Storms can cause extensive damage to the exterior of a commercial property. Depending on the level of commercial insurance coverage held by the building owner, there may be limits on the external portions of the property that are protected. Review your coverage, schedule a building inspection, and perform exterior maintenance on a regular basis.

Five steps that will help owners prepare the exterior of a commercial property for a storm.

1. Choose exterior doors rated for high wind speeds.

Exterior damage quickly becomes interior damage if a door fails. Exterior doors should be tested to stand up to wind loads and the frames should be anchored. Check to make sure these doors have appropriate drainage, flashing, sealant, and tracks. Door failure rapidly raises internal pressure and can cause structural damage.

2. Clear drainage systems.

Functional drainage systems prevent water from pooling on the roof or around the foundation of a structure. Clear roof drains, downspouts, and gutters several times a year as part of an exterior maintenance routine.

3. Trim trees.

Removing dead or loose branches from nearby trees can limit the extent of storm damage.

4. Secure loose items that may blow away or cause damage.

Don't forget about antennas on the roof or potted plants and trash cans on the ground.

5. Anchor outside HVAC equipment.

These components should be securely installed on a concrete pad. Depending on the severity of a storm, you may want to use hurricane straps or shut off these systems and cover equipment with a secured tarp.

These five exterior maintenance and storm preparation steps can help owners limit the extent of damage to the exterior of a commercial structure. Keeping your building maintained can pay off during adverse weather events. If the exterior or interior of a commercial property becomes damaged during a storm, contact a restoration company located in Boca Raton, FL.

SERVPRO of South Palm Beach has the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial storm damage and can respond quickly.  

Securing Commercial Property After a Fire

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

Protect Your Property From Further Damage

After a fire at your Boca, FL, commercial property, you may feel overwhelmed with getting the insurance straightened out, repairing the property and handling everything else you have to do. A security fence or other safety measures may be the last thing on your mind. However, it is important to protect your property from further damage, which can take many forms.

1. Prevention of a Second Fire

If the fire department was called to the scene, the firefighters will make sure the fire is completely out. If you put the fire out yourself, it is up to you to ensure the fire is fully extinguished. Make sure to check for any lingering flames or still-smoldering embers, as these could quickly turn into a full-blown blaze. If an appliance is to blame for the fire, make sure to turn it off. In the case of an electrical fire, be sure to turn off the electricity until an electrician does an inspection and repairs any faulty wiring.

2. Protection From Unwanted Visitors

Unfortunately, some people consider fire-damaged buildings to be ideal targets for burglary. Your security system may have been damaged in the fire, and vandals are likely able to cut through tarps and plywood. Luckily, a security fence can add an additional layer of protection. Not only can a fence help prevent burglaries, it also keeps out curious lookie-loos who may injure themselves on your property and hold you liable.

3. Protection Against Mother Nature

Make sure to board up or tarp over any holes in the structure, including windows that the fire department may have broken in order to release smoke. Doing so prevents rainwater, snow and wildlife from further harming your building and its contents.

The first step of the fire restoration process is preventing further damage. A certified restoration team can determine if you need tarps, plywood, a security fence or some combination of these and other protective measures to keep your building safe from after-fire dangers.

The Value of Business Interruption Insurance

4/22/2020 (Permalink)

Business Interruption Insurance word cloud vector made with text only Reducing the time of business interruption is in everyone's best interest

Business interruption for your company in Mission Bay, FL, puts years of hard work in jeopardy. Suddenly being unable to sell products or services not only causes extreme stress but it can also quickly deplete any financial reserves you have set aside. A regular commercial insurance policy will help you cope with the expenses of a business fire, but it will not cover lost revenue. A serious fire could put you out of commission for days, weeks, or even longer. Because of these factors, it's worth looking into a policy that protects you in case you have to close your business for a period of time.

The Benefits of Good Insurance

A policy that covers expenses due to a business interruption can be a lifesaver. Here are some features of this type of coverage:

  • Provides replacement of lost revenue for a period of time
  • Is added to your regular commercial policy
  • Provides for covered perils such as fires and storms
  • Pays out until the end of the interruption as determined by the policy
  • Covers fixed costs of operations and incurred costs due to the disaster

To learn more about this type of insurance, contact your insurance agent. This coverage can allow you to meet payroll, cover loan payments, and survive a fire.

The Benefits of a Fast Cleanup
When a fire strikes your company, you want to get back in business again as quickly as possible. A local fire remediation company can be at your property within hours of the fire and will work to make the fire cleaning process as fast as possible. Powerful equipment and trained technicians can repair the damage, remove standing water, and get rid of the mess and odors associated with a fire. Reducing the time of business interruption is in everyone's best interest. A quick recovery allows your company to get the revenue stream flowing again.

Protecting Your Business During Thunderstorms

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

A man cutting the branches of a tree Regularly trim trees

Learn How To Take Precautions For High Winds And Thunderstorms

Severe weather can strike when you least expect it, but don't be caught unprepared. As a business owner in Mission Bay, FL, it is up to you to protect your employees and your property. Even when a severe rain storm comes along abruptly, you can take steps to keep your business safe. Use this information to learn how to take precautions for high winds and thunderstorms.

  • Prepare as much as possible before a storm hits.
  • Keep your team safe during a storm.
  • Bounce back after severe weather hits.

Preparing Your Business
There are measures you can take to prepare your business well before a storm hits. Routine inspections of your building and grounds can help you find and address any potential issues that may lead to leaks and damage during a storm. Keep your property up to code and well-maintained to limit the impacts of severe weather. You should keep landscaping in good order and regularly trim trees that pose a risk to your structures. You can buy surge protectors, lightning rods, or a lightning protection system to protect your electronic devices. An intense rain storm can lead to a power outage, so have an emergency preparedness kit on-site.

Protecting Employees
During inclement weather, it is important to use the safety practices you have developed to keep yourself and your employees safe. You should choose a safe place in your building for team members to gather during a thunderstorm. Pick a place that is away from skylights, windows, and glass doors as these items can be damaged or broken during high winds. As electricity can travel through plumbing and phone lines, advise your employees to avoid running water and using landline phones during bad storms.
Recovering from a major storm can be overwhelming. You should contact water and storm damage restoration professionals if your Mission Bay, FL, business has been impacted by a severe rain storm and high winds.

Mold Mitigation: Why Routine Inspections Matter, Even in Dry Climates

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Cracked foundation A cracked foundation or improper flashing installation can cause mold to grow over time

Four Possible Causes of Mold Growth

In Whisper Walk,FL, you likely do not think about mold as being a problem. After all, the climate is dry, and monsoons don't come along all too frequently. However, black mold, or other varieties, are just as likely here as anywhere else, and that is due to water. Every living thing needs it. The water lines in your business and even the occasional rainstorm can lead to mold growth, especially if you don't perform routine maintenance. Therefore, to avoid the need for a mold remediation company, be sure to inspect your facility for four possible causes of mold growth.

Roof damage
Seal cracks
AC leaks
Water pipe leaks

Roof Damage

Attic spaces are often a mold cleanup hotspot, especially in dry climate regions, because when you don't experience rain that often, you likely don't consider any problems with your roofline. However, every roof, regardless of location, should be inspected annually to ensure there are no holes or vulnerabilities to the outside elements, including too much humidity.

Seal Cracks

Also, black mold can find its way inside your building through failed or cracked seals and weather stripping around doors and windows. Again, because of the dryness of the area, you tend not to think of checking these vital protections against the outdoors, but they are critical to creating an airtight seal.

AC Leaks

Your AC is another potential culprit of mold growth. While it is essential to run the system during the year, how often do you check the condensate lines? Even small leaks can lead to mold development.
Water Pipe Leaks
Last, how often do you have your plumbing inspected? Again, small leaks, even slow drips, can lead to mold spores rooting down and spreading.
Regular inspections are necessary to reduce the threat and potential spread of black mold. Don't let a minor oversight lead to significant repairs and remediation efforts.